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Who we are, our services

We are a company registered in Singapore in 2001, December 1 which issues fast credits to the individuals and companies. The company has subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Russia, Georgia and Mexico.
For quick expansion seeking to issue fast loans in England and Latvia we have decided to attract private capital through the website InHold

giving up to 80% to a private investor from received capital.

Is there any risk to lose your money?

No, there isn't. Your investments are absolutely safe. Before approving loans our experts analyze the paying capacity of every individual borrower, and only after correct calculations, we decide about the monthly installments that will fall upon your head. For instance, if your annual income is less than $20,000 your loan limit is up to $3,000 only. But, if your annual income is more than $120,000, you can borrow any amount. For special cases, we also have provisions for flexible monthly repayments.

Why do you need credits?
In a situation where money is urgently needed, and no one to take from, by itself there comes a decision - to take a credit. Situations may be different: a refrigerator broke down, it is necessary to repair the machine, improve health, to go on holiday; or more global: to build a house, start a business or buy a new car. In any case, the credit is needed. From short-term to long-term fast loans they are all presented at our site. The most popular are quick loans, as their registration takes a few minutes and the money is transferred to the account.

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